Wearing more than one hat, hat idioms and their meaning, hat's off to you, heirloom hats

Hat idioms and their meaning

June 17 2021
There was a time when hatters would use Mercury to stiffen felts, and the toxic fumes would affect their brains, thus coining the expression ''mad as a hatter''.
Heirloom hats, How I become a hat maker / milliner

How I became a milliner

June 17 2021

A quick search online brought me to only one person - Lucie Gregoire. She was offering an introductory class to millinery, and I signed up.

I knew right after the first of 3 classes that I had finally found my medium!

Wooden hat blocks from a millinery studio in Montreal

The Process - A glimpse into how hats are made

June 17 2021

We made a hat for our friend and photographer Phil Bernard back in 2016, and he spent 3 days at the studio with us in order to document the process. We still work the same way to this day, making one hat at a time!