----- How to measure your head - A quick guide -----

With a measuring tape, start by the center of your forehead and run the tape around your head, passing by the occipital bone (the bump at the back of your head).
Make sure that your measuring tape hugs your head comfortably. Not too tight, just right. We account for ease in our hats, so a size 56cm for example will be true to size, with just enough wiggle room to avoid a headache.
Ideally, take your measurement in centimeters. Most of our hats are offered in 3 standard sizes; Small (56cm), Medium (58cm) and Large (60cm).
If you fall outside of those measurements, please send us an email at contact@heirloomhats.com. Depending on the style of hat you are interested in, we can advise you on whether to size up or down, and we can even customize the size in some instances.
If you don't have a tailors measuring tape, you can also use a string or shoelace, and then measure the distance you've obtained with a ruler.
Illustration by Dominique Yelle