Our collaboration with Gament designs for the Mariposa collection

Butterfly hair clips, 3D printed, Heirloom Hats, Butterfly hair accessories
           I've been wanting to develop more hair accessories for a little while now, and I was finding it difficult to step outside of the box that I know in order to push my creativity. My medium (millinery) is more textile based, so I didn't really know where to start. I knew I wanted to work around the theme of the collection, but I find that butterflies can quickly look tacky if not done correctly. 

Catherine Kouris is the owner/designer behind Gament Design, and she is coincidentally also my studio mate! I've been at this studio since January 2019, and i've gotten to know Catherine over time and have grown quite fond of her.

I was interested in her work as well as the process and started to inquire a little more about it. The idea of a collaboration just naturally came about during our many conversations and we both felt really inspired and enthused. We basically started working on it immediately!

3D printing is a world away from traditional millinery. The first step is to make a 3D computer rendering of your idea. I love to feel materials and touch things, so this was new to me. We really needed to have a precise idea of what we wanted the end product to be, and then to build it from the ground up. I sometimes work the opposite of that and start manipulating material until it brings me somewhere.

I love the idea of mixing a traditional medium such as millinery with a contemporary one like 3D printing, and we hope you love our collaboration as much as we do!

You can discover the entire collection/collaboration here.

You can also find out more about Catherines work at Gament.com <3




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